Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Little-Messy-Library

It’s already a very looooong holiday for us—the-almost-graduated-highschool-student. So everyday is weekend for me, and my mom always telling me to manage my little-messy-library.
Honestly, I like to manage something but it’s always ‘okay, later I’ll work with it. Really, I swear to work with it’ but in the next time, I’ll say that thing (again) soooo...I don’t make it at all.
UNTIL someday, I had such an inspiration to work with it. Gyahahah XD Finally. Fyuh~
And I realized I have so many magazine on my little-messy-library...even there’re still magazine that I borrow from my friend. Lol~ very big thanks to Ranissa and Reihan for the animonster that you’ve lend me. Sorry, I’ve no time to meet you two, guys kekekeke~~~
But I have plan to return all the magazine I borrow from you two. Yeah, still a plan XD
So these are all the inhabitants of my little-messy-library...