Saturday, November 17, 2012

[Rising Force] The Beginning to The New World part XI - Four POV

She is...the lovely-silver-haired-girl who deceives the world with her innocent face.

She said :
We fear what doesn't exist. People can posses hope because death is something that can't be seen.
If I don't wield the sword, I can't protect you.
If I keep wielding the sword, I can't embrace you.
I'm merely practicing saying goodbye to you.
Don't be afraid to be deceived for the world is already full of deception.
—taken from the last letter of Four's

Four, freaking out their mind and come back as a hero.
You are born for this, for the beginning of a new world. We can make it because we have Decem in our heart. In our side.

(a note from Valerie's journal)