Saturday, March 16, 2013

Broke and Fixed

When we break something, then we fix it later.

I always feel guilty to you.

Am I doing it right?
Am I mature enough to pass it with you?
Am I proper enough to live with you?

You know, so many questions I have on my mind.
It’s like…..I love to wondering all the things you was, you already and you would be about.

I love the way you calm me down, to not worrying anything, because everything’s gonna be alright.
 And you do it right.
Though sometimes It appears again and I need you to be my drug, to keep me from those fears.


But I love the way you are.

Let’s learn together. Let’s be mature together. To see everything turns better while we growing up. To see that we can be survive. We can be fine.


March 16th 2013
Insan Kamalia R